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Top 5 Things to Consider When Deciding on Your Next Web Design Agency

By December 3, 2020No Comments

You don’t know how many times I have received a phone call from a business owner or marketing manager asking me if we can help in an emergency. It usually goes like this:


“Hi, yes, do you build and design websites?”

“Of course, how can we help?!”

Client 1– “Our website is currently down and we can’t get a hold of the previous designer. They seem to have fallen off the face of the map.”

Client 2– “We are trying to get changes done on our website and our current designers are sending us tons of invoices to fix the issues and we built the site with them 6 months ago”

Client 3– “We are trying to get those xyz functionality on our website and our current web designer says it cannot be done.”

These are common issues we solve all the time with clients that are migrating their website over to us. 


This brings me to the top 5 factors you want to find out when selecting a website designer in your area.

Top Five Factors:

1: Will they last?

It sounds elementary, but a core value of many designers and creatives is that they love freedom and tend to fly where the wind takes them. This is why we get clients consistently coming to us because they can no longer get in touch with their previous designer. (Meet our team here!)

By going with a professional web design company with a proven track record you can be sure that they will stick around and be able to support the growth of your website and business growth over the years to come.


2: Do they have experience, portfolio, and recommendations?

We understand what it means to be a startup web design agency. We took on any project and learned as we went…and clients got A LOT more work for what they paid. But to be honest, we made a lot of mistakes along the way.

Over the past decade we have honed our web and graphic design process, capabilities, and customer service so that our clients know that they will get an amazing outcome by working with us. Experience, portfolio examples, and stellar client recommendations can reduce the risk of a project going awry after months of work put in and dollars invested.


3: Training and Support?

Let’s be honest, you didn’t hire a design agency so that you could do all the work and figure stuff out after the project is finished. Many clients want to make minor changes on their site over time but want to leave the heavy lifting design and functionality changes to the experts.

You want to find a design team that is willing to train and work with you to show you how to work the parts of your website you want to manage and also support the site down the road if any issues come up. Website platforms and code bases are always changing to keep up with the times so it is important to find a team that will go the long haul with you and make sure you never have a broken website or downtime. After launch support is a major item to consider when selecting your next marketing and design agency.


4: How is their communication?

A wise man once said “If you can just communicate, you can just get by, but if you can communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.” We are in the business of making miracle websites rather than status quo. And with that comes the integral need for skillful communication.

The web design process is a large project that is done over many weeks and sometimes months…which means that the team you are working with will be communicating with you regularly. You become friends and partners while building your dream website. Make sure that you communicate well with your design team and that they have clear communication standards along the way.


5: Are they organized and web design processes clear?

The final and sometimes overlooked part of a web design project is the design process. Just like any large construction project, you have to start with the foundation and build from there. If anything goes wrong in the beginning phases you can easily remedy it, but if you put too much weight on the top story building too early, the structure could crumble.

It is the same way with a website, you have to go through a thorough and organized process to build from the ground up. The beginning stages is where the foundation is laid and from there all the beauty and functionality is built in. Make sure your web designers of choice have a clear understanding of the web design process and can walk you through the steps in getting you toward your website goals.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but touches on some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your design firm. Remember, this is a relationship that will last many years, so choose wisely.


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