Growth Experts

Drawing from deep pools of talent, our team consists of a unique fusion of creatives and entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in growing brands.

About Us

We start by designing an amazing website that converts visitors into customers. Then we build out a digital marketing strategy that drives your audience to your high-converting website. What makes us stand out from typical digital marketing agencies and web designers is that we build your entire digital marketing funnel from beginning to end as your 'in-house marketing team.' Meaning, we are a tight-knit team that learns your business and focuses on your growth.

We believe in what we do, so instead of signing contracts, we just deliver results. Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!

Our Culture

Our company culture is built around the Proverb of things on the earth that “are small but unusually wise.” We believe in building new growth into companies, always doing what we say, and making a positive impact in the world around us. We believe that good design is good business.


Hyraxes — Creatures of little power, yet they work smart and make their homes in the cliffs.


Ants — Creatures of little strength, but they work hard and store up food all summer.


Locusts — They have no king, but they're disciplined and march in rank.


Lizards — They're easy to catch, but they're persistent and can be found in kings’ palaces.


People — Life is too short to be all work and no play, so enjoy your time here!

Raving Fans

Peacocks — They're known to catch the eye and provide a WOW factor for anyone who gazes upon them.

Details Matter

Eagles — Their sight allows them to spot a rabbit from over a whopping two miles away.

Take Ownership

Elephants — They're very familial in how they deal with responsibility and in how they conduct interactions within their herd.

Keep Your Word

Horses — They're known to be reliable, trustworthy companions that carry a lot of responsibility.

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Our Team

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Jonathan Carpenter


He has a background in marketing and entrepreneurship with an MBA in International Business. As a co-founder, he works behind the scenes on all projects making sure the team is hitting deadlines and communicating with our clients. His main role with be communicating with clients from beginning to end.
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Brennen Smith


As a co-founder, he's heavily involved in client communication in all stages of a project with all of our clients. He leads the charge on the majority of our projects when it comes to web design direction and functionality.

Madison Carter

Lead Designer

A Charlotte native and a designer-extraordinaire, she is our go-to for all things beautiful. Her experience ranges from print and social media, pattern and stationery, typography and photography. Madison loves to see a company come to life through good design and has an excellent track record of building strong relationships with clients.

Michelle Tabler

Web Designer

After earning a BA in Creative Writing, Michelle decided to take a different career route, opting to use her creative skills to design and develop websites. She is committed to making sure every line of code is perfect, and each site is beautiful, unique, and made just for the client.⠀

Hannah Chillag

Digital Marketing Account Manager

A Queen City local, she brings her many years of experience as a magazine editor to the team to make sure that each element of the design and digital process is pulled off with precision. She has a background in blogging, content creation, marketing, editing, and freelance writing and will be your go-to gal for anything and everything digital marketing. Most of all, she loves people, so don’t hesitate to contact her.

Juliet Rath

Marketing Associate

From marketing, broadcasting, writing and graphic design, Juliet likes to dabble in anything that has to do with communications and creativity. But most of all, she loves bringing people joy and building relationships.
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David Schroeder

Digital Marketing Designer

Bringing together both the art and science of Marketing is the space where David thrives. With masters degrees from both Northwestern and New York Universities, he focuses on content strategy, digital analytics, data analysis and conversion optimization.

Collin Scott

UX Designer

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Chasen Bettinger

Code Designer

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Chasen moved to Boone, NC to attend Appalachian State University. He's passionate about building creative solutions to problems. Whether it's a website, an internet of things application, or a mobile application, he's always ready to conquer a new challenge.

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