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Will Changing My Website’s
Domain Name Affect My SEO?

Our client ReVision asked us this very question. We successfully made the transition from one domain name to a new one all while accelerating their rankings on Google at the launch of their new website.

ReVision’s Response

“14 months later I can say without
hesitation that they have blown past our
highest expectations”

The Results


Organic traffic users in 2021


Increase in Google Search impressions


Increase in Google Search clicks
seo case study
seo case study

Project Background

ReVision Design/Remodeling had been under the franchise umbrella of Case Design/Remodeling for decades. A residential remodeling company that had been in business for 16 years, they wanted to break away from the franchise and create their own brand. The big question and fear for them beyond just potential loss of brand recognition was: Will Changing My Website’s Domain Name Affect My SEO?

seo case study

Existing SEO Rankings

ReVision already had excellent SEO rankings and didn’t want to mess that up. They would be changing from to and were nervous that if the name transfer went poorly, it would affect their business. But, we delivered a beautiful website that not only sustained their rankings but significantly boosted and improved them as well. 

Beat the Competition

SEO, search engine optimization, is all about getting favorable placement on Google and to be transparent, generate more traffic than your competitors. It’s not an insurmountable task but definitely a long-term tactic that needs to be touched upon often. We accepted the proposition and streamlined ReVision’s content to make it more viable and sought-after by customers in key moments that matter.

seo case study

Client Testimonial

“Last year we made the decision to rebrand our residential remodeling business after 16 years under a franchised name. With such a long history and online legacy, we were careful about who we chose to build out our new website and keep up our strong digital marketing metrics under a new name. Right away we felt comfortable having Brennan, Jonathan and Madison take this on. 14 months later I can say without hesitation that they have blown past our highest expectations. From the stellar website design to our rockstar account manager Hannah, the professionalism and execution has been five star++. If you're still hunting for the right folks to build your site and manage your digital marketing, you can stop now.”

Brad LittleReVision Design/Remodeling

The Solution

seo case study

On-Page Optimization

To make sure that ReVision is consistently making gains on Google, we write two fresh content pieces a month based on keyword research and then optimize existing pages on their site to increase page visibility and traffic. We align page-specific elements like meta descriptions, title tags, headings, and content to reflect the specific keyword chosen. Keyword research is consistently changing so if you aren’t keeping up with the trends and refreshing content on a regular basis, you are missing out on opportunities. For ReVision and similar clients, we target keywords that have a high search volume but a relatively low keyword difficulty (meaning they are easier to rank for), and leverage that with ideas for content that users would find relevant.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to actions taken off your own website to impact rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs) and deals primarily with building backlinks. Backlinks are at the heart of off-page and are when any other reputable website references your website via a link on their own site. They improve users’ perception of a site’s popularity, trustworthiness, and authority. We create trending content (aka blogs that people are going to be searching for at this exact moment!) that other credible sites will want to link to in their editorial, thus creating what we call “natural links.” There are other ways of building backlinks– (directly asking followers, websites, or influencers to share your content) but they are not quite as common practices. Creating truly engaging and useful content is your best–like this blog, such as “6 Custom Laundry Room Ideas to Maximize Space.”

seo case study
seo case study

Technical Improvements

Technical SEO refers to improving the technical aspects of a website in the hopes that Google will be able to crawl your website more efficiently and reward you with higher rankings. For ReVision, we run monthly audits of factors that Google considers important – like site speed, schema, indexing, crawlability, content duplication, dead links, etc.- and then optimize them. Google wants to showcase the best and brightest answers to their users’ queries and making sure the above criteria are in tip-top shape ensures that.

Looking for more information on SEO? Check out this easy, peasy beginners guide to understanding SEO.

The Results

ReVision has come out on the other side of this not just better but MUCH better than they were before. They have flourished, despite the pandemic, with website traffic exploding past what they were tracking before.

Over the course of one year, their number of organic keywords ranking DOUBLED. They are ranking for DOUBLE the number of pages that they were previously. To top it off, organic search traffic has also DOUBLED over the course of the year.

The end result? ReVision Design/Remodeling is thriving.

seo case study

About the Client

ReVision Design/Remodeling is a design-build residential remodeling firm specializing in custom kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and whole home renovations. They guide discerning homeowners through the home remodeling process by taking a personalized and curated approach that includes award-winning design, effective communication, and quality craftsmanship.

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