How Lazarus Generated $24 Million in Pipeline Value in 1 Year for 1 Client

Learn how Lazarus was able to generate insane marketing ROI for a high-end service company through SEO, Paid Ads, Web Design, CRM, and Automation.


This client had an established reputation and was well-known for its exceptional work. The original founder retired and new ownership took over. The new owner saw the immense potential to rebrand and grow this business with new systems and intentional digital marketing efforts. However, he didn’t know where to start with marketing and needed a team to build a marketing engine that could scale growth. 

*(Client name not given purposely to keep info confidential)

“We were blindly throwing money at google ads with no idea on ROI. And we managed our incoming leads on paper files. Lazarus analyzed our business, built a new website and developed ads all integrated back into a CRM tool in less than 5 months. Our team can now use this to manage our client interactions and control our lead flow. They are very responsive and overdeliver.”

Client, Owner


This case study details the story and marketing strategy behind how we successfully generated $24M in pipeline value in one year.

What We Did

Before we started building the marketing engine, the first thing we needed to do was a deep dive discovery to better understand the business and its customers.

We dove into the industry, customers, competitors, and company to find valuable information to develop our marketing strategy.

We start with all of our new clients as if they are blank slates. We don’t know anything and need to learn from the ground up to build the most objective marketing engine. This includes customer interviews, competitive research, and website analytics.

Now that we had finished our discovery process, it was time to present our findings to this company’s management team. This presentation included our strategy moving forward with design and marketing.

At this point, we felt like we knew what marketing channels to deploy in our strategy to start generating results.

How We Did It

Now it was go-time! The first big implementation was designing a new website, the hub of all our marketing.

We knew that customers looking for this type of service want to see a lot of proof in the form of images and videos of past work. So, we made that the focal point of the new website. With ample portfolio examples, we were able to build a clean and modern website that showcased their high quality work.

But a beautiful site with no traffic doesn’t do much for you. This is where SEO came in. We focused on acquiring high-volume keywords so that people searching for these services would be able to easily find our client’s website.

Next up on the list was advertising which is pay to play. This is where you add fuel to the flame. You can precisely target your audience with highly relevant ads and bring more awareness to your brand. Since we knew there were already a lot of people searching for this service, we created a Google ads campaign to capture some of that demand. At the same time, we created Facebook/Instagram ads to reach an audience that was not actively searching but was open to hiring for this type of service. Ads generated a ton of interest and leads for our client. Paid ads provide a way to get in front of a lot more people than organic reach. You pay to show up where people spend their time – online.

Once there was leads coming in from SEO and paid ads, how did they you manage it all? The client was using paper and pen for their sales before Lazarus. We took their outdated way of keeping up with leads and built a CRM (customer relationship management) software to give them a way to manage their pipeline in a more efficient way. With a streamlined system in place, they saw an increase in sales.

To kick it up a notch, we used automation to supercharge their sales management. Automatic emails and texts sent to new leads within 5 minutes, ensuring more people worked with the client.


The key to our success in marketing lies in approaching each client as if we know nothing and building up our knowledge base from the bottom up. The deep discovery research we do in the first month sets the foundation for our marketing strategy. It’s the most important part of the Full Stack process and what differentiates us from other agencies.

First, we start with learning about your business and what you sell. Then we interview your customers and learn the underlying psychology of why they used your business. Third, we look at your competitors and see how we can create a competitive advantage. Fourth, we figure out how to optimize your website from a design and conversion perspective to bring in more customers. Then, we launch all marketing channel campaigns simultaneously to start generating top line revenue for your business.

The data will show us what is working best. We will double down on those channels and focus our marketing resources toward achieving the ROI goals month over month.

Why you should hire Lazarus as your in-house marketing team

What makes us stand out from typical digital marketing agencies and web designers is that we build your entire digital marketing funnel from beginning to end as your “in-house marketing team.” We become your tight-knit team that is solely focused on growing your business through marketing and design.

We believe in what we do, so instead of signing contracts, we just deliver results. No contracts. We prove our worth every single month.

An investment in digital marketing should make you more money. It doesn’t make sense for you to keep paying us if we’re not funneling real top line revenue into your business. Our services are focused on providing a ROI (return on investment) that will be a no-brainer.


Who Is Full Stack Marketing For?

– Your business is doing between $2M-$50M ARR (annual recurring revenue)
– You know marketing is important but don’t have an internal marketing team
– You don’t want to go through the effort of hiring an entire marketing department

Lazarus is 20x faster than hiring your own in-house marketing team and we get better results.

>Get Serious ROI
> Get an entire marketing team for the price of one internal person
> Crush your competition with a stacked marketing team

What’s The Investment? Let’s breakdown hiring Lazarus vs hiring internally

It’s really nothing compared to the return our marketing efforts will bring you. If you pay us $60k for the year, but we make you $1M in top line revenue, it’s totally worth it. How much would it cost you to hire a really good marketing manager? $70k at least. But one person can’t do everything. So they will need to hire other specialists (ad guy, SEO, designer, content writer). You get the point. It ends up being a lot of money.

Hire us to be your in-house marketing team. We’ll actually grow your business.

full stack case study

We’ll pop the hood and show you how this whole thing actually works.

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