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The Future of Digital Marketing: Opportunity is Everywhere

There is a new age upon us.

No, I am not talking about an apocalypse or a revolution in our society. I am talking about a new age where someone has an idea, builds it, and markets their product/service to such a specific group of people that when they begin to think about needing it, it pops up at the perfect time and place. I am talking about a new age in marketing where technology has become so advanced that it has the ability to sway elections, sell out a half-baked music festival, or raise over $115 million for a good cause in one campaign. This digital marketing technology comes in many forms including: chatbots, AI content creators, SEO A/B testing and voice optimization and visual marketing tools, Google my Business prioritization and the list goes on and on. In short, 2019 is a year of digital marketing technology.

The ability to leverage these technologies for the good can have tremendous positive impacts on your organization’s growth.

As a team, we realized that we had unique skillsets tailored toward helping small and midsize businesses, non profits, startups, and individual brands find their growth potential. As such, we set out to partner with a select group of brands to help them leverage new marketing technologies to catalyze their growth. This includes digital marketing services such as new website designs etc. but with a twist, we leverage the best technologies to make sure your marketing dollars are growing the bottom line and not being wasted.

At Lazarus, our mission is to bring organizations to life by creating new ways to grow.

We realized that if we can help our clients grow through our methods, why not document what we are doing and help others grow too…because as the old adage goes “a rising tide lifts all boats!” We know that there is enough to do in managing the growth of a business/organization so we want to help.

So in the coming month you can expect our content to provide you with new ideas to grow in the new age of digital marketing.

We will have a theme for each month that covers a new digital marketing topic and how it is being used to effectively tell your story to the audience. Articles will be written by members of our team who specialize in these areas and will give practical takeaways for how you can start implementing them yourself. And if you want us to cover any topics, feel free to drop us a line We would love to cover them.

Cheers to the Future of Digital Marketing,

Here we come!



Lazarus Design Team

We create incredibly designed and remarkably effective websites for growing startups, non-profits, and small-midsize businesses.