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Digital Marketing during COVID-19

Unless you live off grid away from civilization, you are well aware that we are in uncertain times. As fear grips our society and economy, we are all asking the question, what do we do now!? Will we get through this? How do we stay healthy and move forward?

As a marketing and website design agency that works with a variety of industries and clients, we have seen different economic impacts and different marketing strategies to move forward. And if history has any insight into what will happen in the future, I would say that now is the time to double down! Both in social distancing and social marketing strategies. 

When everyone is running in fear, they are missing an obvious opportunity for new growth that was not possible before. If you bought a house during the 2009 housing crisis, then you are sitting pretty today. If you purchased Bank of America stock at a low in 2009 you would have 7,000% return on that investment!

We have seen an unprecedented drop in the market in the past few weeks, and much of it is driven by fear. I want to encourage you to continue to push forward. And push forward in the only way possible, digitally!

As written in a recent Forbes article, “With the increase of remote working and a collaborative approach, companies are turning to digital channels and embracing the transformation.” Many are now taking this new time to work on projects and new marketing opportunities that were not possible before when days were full of in-person meetings, conferences, and live events. Now is the time to update your website, search for new online e-commerce channels to sell your products, and create new social media and SEO strategies to get in front of your online audience. 

We as a company are not only preaching this, we are doing this. We’re putting more money behind advertising and we’re creating more content online.

We have decided we will not run in fear but continue to push forward by getting the word out about how we can help companies who are struggling during these times find new opportunities to grow! We are offering website audits and digital marketing strategy and consulting virtually and at no cost. 

Right now, the world needs marketers to help business owners stay afloat…so this is our way of helping.

We know we will get through this and we want to encourage and support you to come out stronger and primed for growth on the other side. 

See you on the other side.

Lazarus Design Team

We create incredibly designed and remarkably effective websites for growing startups, non-profits, and small-midsize businesses.