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When your business looks good, people are more likely to trust you.

zumBrunnen, a construction consulting firm, came to us with a desire to revamp their look to get “out of the 80’s” (their words, not ours)! Like most companies that approach us for branding design, they don’t realize how much of an impact their marketing materials make on the overall look and feel of their company. It can be confusing to your consumers if your logo looks different than your newsletters, social media, reports, business cards, or website, and it was our goal to change that for zumBrunnen. We took on the challenge to update zumBrunnen’s branding so that their look would match their quality service. 

Logo Design

When we began the research and ideation phase to update their logo, we knew we wanted to brighten the colors and modernize their font. We wanted potential customers to feel confident in the teams’ experience and excitement about the potential when they came across zumBrunnen’s logo. For their colors, we went with a rich dark blue as the main color and electric cobalt blue and coral for pops of color. For the updated font choice, we left the serifs behind and updated the look and feel of their text with the sans serif font, Gotham.

Now when clients and potential customers see zumBrunnen, they see a classy, fun, and modern company that knows how to get their needs met. zumBrunnen can now let their brand speak for itself and translate the excellent service customers will receive when they choose them for construction consulting services.

branding design lazarus design case study logo design
Old Dated Logo
Updated Logo Font
Updated Logo Colors & Symbols

Website Design

zumBrunnen was thrilled when we revealed the redesign plans for their website. With hours of research and analysis of their previous website data, we were able to find their website visitors were having a difficult time finding the information they needed. As a result, we stripped everything down to create a simplified, straight-to-the-point website. Now the website users know exactly where to go to find the information they need, resulting in more leads and clear results!

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Branding Guide

With any branding design project, we create a branding guide that consists of the new logo, fonts, colors, and accompanying patterns or photos that reflect the brand. This is used as an internal resource for Lazarus Design Team as we create new marketing materials for our clients and for clients like zumBrunnen so their internal team can all be on the same page. We recommend revisiting the branding guide every couple of months to remind your team of the company’s personality and as a reference to stay consistent through any marketing communication with clients and potential customers.

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branding design lazarus design case study branding guide
Full New Logo
Accompanying Pattern
Typography Example
Suporting Graphics
Favicon Logo

Marketing Materials

Part of our branding design strategy for zumBrunnen meant looking at what they send to their clients on a regular basis. Since they send monthly reports to their clients this was one of the first things we knew we needed to tackle. We made sure every touchpoint zumBrunnen had with their clients looked the same to bring consistency to their brand. We didn’t do this just to make them “look pretty,” but to reflect professionalism and excellence. When a business looks good, their customers trust that the services they produce will be good as well.

About the Client

zumBrunnen specializes in construction consulting. Their team consists of dedicated and skilled construction experts all across the country. Every team member has an engineering, construction management, or construction-related degree along with an average of 30+ years of field experience. They partner with owners, lenders, and developers to ensure construction projects are delivered successfully. With a focus on construction monitoring, capital budget planning, and property condition assessments, zumBrunnen will convert their building expertise into real value for their clients.

Your branding is the bread and butter of your organization, but you may not know where or how to start. Let us help.