Benthall Test Prep is an online learning application focused on preparing high schools students across the country to dominate the SAT/ACT. We were approached by the company to design and develop both a front end marketing website as well as the backend learning management system where students can purchase, create accounts, manage their learning, and engage the video content in a clean and simple manner.

In order to reach their goals, we design a front end website that was visually appealing and interactive to keep the attention of Gen Z. Upon completing the front end redesign, we developed the backend learning application to be as seamless as possible. Our challenge was to create an interface that was responsive on all devices, value added to the student learning, and simple enough to reduce user friction. Our design was able to accomplish our goals and is now changing the way students learn the SAT and ACT online.


Web Design and Software Application


Benthall Test Prep

What We Did

Logo ReDesign, UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Software Design and Development, CRM integration

Simple Navigation
Clear What We Do and Call to Action
Interactive Graphics to Keep User Attention

Color & Material

We selected colors that complemented the Benthall logo while also giving the site a youthful user experience.