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Why it’s important to have a good-looking website

Before we get into the exact reasons why it’s important, allow me to tell you a story.

Greg owns a coffee and donut shop. It’s run down. The sign at the street isn’t attractive and it’s practically falling off the post that it hangs on. His parking lot has grass and weeds sprouting up out of the cracks. There’s only a few parking spots. He gets a few locals, that are his friends, that come by each morning but other than that he doesn’t get many feet coming through the door.

He can’t figure out why.

“I have incredible donuts. There’s no where else to get donuts like these. Why aren’t people coming here?”

One afternoon, much to his surprise, someone is pulling into his parking lot. Greg immediately notices them and jumps to his feet in anticipation.

Four people get out of the car. They stretch as if they’ve been in the car awhile. It’s a family of four. The dad scans Greg’s building up and down. The two kids huddle around something on the pavement. It’s a dead snake that someone ran over weeks ago. The mom has a horrified look on her face and the husband notices. “Kids! Get back in the car. We’re going somewhere else”.

Greg sighs.

Let’s point out the obvious reasons for Greg’s lack of success.

  1. It’s unattractive. What does that communicate to potential customers? “I don’t care about you.”
  2. It’s dirty and unkept. “I really don’t care about you.”
  3. It has extremely limited parking. “I don’t want you or anyone else here.”
  4. It’s run down. “I don’t like and respect what I do.”

This leads us to the question, “Why is it important to have a good-looking website?”

An attractive website tells the visitor that you care about appearances. You are respectable. You care about them. You care how they feel. In essence, you care about what they care about.

“38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. ” — Adobe

Here are the top 3 things having an attractive website does for your potential customers:

  1. It builds trust.
  2. It builds credibility.
  3. It adds legitimacy to your business. 

Think of a website like this…It’s your storefront. If it doesn’t look good, people don’t go in.

Below is a website we worked on and here are the before after screenshots.
That’s a pretty big difference, huh?
Let us know what you think in the comments below. Share with us why you think having a beautiful website will help your business.
Lazarus Design Team

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